Safe Haven Groups




Local Support and Safety for Women


It takes a lot of courage to share your thoughts and feelings with others.

It is possible, however, to find hope through knowing that you are not alone, that your feelings and thoughts are normal, and there is a safe place to talk about what has happened to you.

Child care and transportation, within city limits, are provided during all groups. Please contact the Safe Haven Resource Center before 2:00pm the day of group to arrange at 218-623-1000. There are no fees or charges for anything related to these groups.


"I needed to feel safe. My partner abused me for many years. Now that I had taken steps to move to safety, it had gotten worse and everything was heating up in court. The judges were hearing from both sides and I was overwhelmed confused and scared. Advocacy staff accompanied me to court not once but every time. They helped me know what to expect." – Mother threatened with loss of physical custody of her child.

"Through the women’s education groups, I unearthed how it was that that the opinion I held about myself had been shaped almost exclusively by my husband. He was controlling everything I thought about myself… He had convinced me I was worthless." – Participant in the women's groups