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FREE Webinar- "What is the Duluth Model"

Michael Paymar
Michael Paymar
The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) recently received the Gold Future Policy Award from the World Future Council in Geneva for creating and implementing the Duluth Model. This prestigious award celebrates exemplary international laws and policies.


Despite international recognition, the Duluth Model has its critics. Some of the criticism stems from philosophical differences of the principles of a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) and some detractors raise issues about the DAIP's program for offenders. Some people simply don't know what the Duluth Model is.


Michael Paymar, co-founder, will provide a history of the Duluth Model, help sort through some of the confusion and misinformation about the model, lead a discussion on why the Duluth Model is successful, and how it can be adapted to different jurisdictions.


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Future Policy Award 2014

"The Duluth Model": Coordinated Community Response (CCR) wins prestigious international prize for best policy worldwide

Out of 25 international nominations, the "Duluth Model" was the only policy to be awarded the 2014 Future Policy Award for Ending Violence against Women and Girls, or Gold Award. The Future Policy Award is the only international award which recognizes policies rather than people, and the "Duluth Model" is the first humanitarian policy to be honored in the history of the award.

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